[Cake] bringing up a new router/connection

xnor xnoreq at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 20:11:32 EST 2021

Hello David,

connect to the router over ssh and run top. What's the top load line(s) 
with usr, sys, ... softirq look like during a download speedtest?

Anyway, according to some review it should be able to route about 
700-800 Mbps WAN->LAN, with the original firmware. This is probably only 
possible with hardware offloading.
Even if there was no bottleneck I wouldn't expect getting even remotely 
close to that with cake also on ingress.

The only device I have to compare to yours is a smaller TP-Link router 
with the same routing performance but a QCA9563 (750 MHz single core) 
and I wouldn't use that for anything above 100 Mbps.

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