[Cake] Trouble getting decent performance with CAKE

xnor xnoreq at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 17:00:28 EST 2021

 > Thank you for following up.
 > I think the best way to answer your questions is to point to the site 
where the code for CAKE for the Ubiquiti Edgerouter, and the EdgeOS 
system, is available, along with instructions on how to install and 
implement as a sticky at the top.
 > You will also see that there are 29 pages of discussion with the 
developer, dating from 4 years ago, the latest from this week. In 
general, this port and the associated directions on installation scripts 
have been well accepted.
 > I would be very interested to learn your thoughts.
 > Many thanks.

I see that ubiquiti has their own configuration mode/utility [1] and 
"set interfaces .." is one of the accepted configuration commands.
What it does under the hood is a matter of reading the manual or even 
looking at the code, but I guess it results in running pretty much the 
same tc commands that were posted before.

If the imq device stays unused then you can simply ignore it, or 
blacklist the module to not even load it on boot. (Please don't ask me 
how to do this on EdgeOS.)

That aside, I still don't understand what your issue is.


PS: Please send your responses also to the mailing list, thanks.

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