[Cake] [Starlink] How to help?

Dave Täht davet at teklibre.net
Mon Jun 13 21:42:37 EDT 2022

We had a ton of email bounce last week.

On Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 10:21:55AM -0500, Nick Hall via Starlink wrote:
> Hello,
> I've had a Starlink (the round version 1) for around a year and was
> thinking about bufferbloat yesterday and just found your mailing list. I
> just started looking at the archives but I'm gathering that you are looking
> for people to test things and am wondering what I can do to help?


> I have used flent a little before, and only know the basics, but I can run
> tests if you give me direction for what you need.
> I am not using the provided Starlink router but instead the dish is
> connected directly to my EdgeRouter X which is running the 1.10 series
> EdgeRouter firmware with Cake from
> https://community.ui.com/questions/Cake-compiled-for-the-EdgeRouter-devices/fc1ff27c-f321-4344-8737-fcc755cae8a2
> I see a link to running CAKE with adaptive bandwidth:
> https://forum.openwrt.org/t/cake-w-adaptive-bandwidth/108848
> But this is running OpenWrt. I know OpenWrt can run on the EdgeRouter X but
> I can't spend the level of time to flash the router that it would probably
> need right now. Do you know if that script would be able to run on the
> version of Cake that I currently have running on the EdgeRouter X? Or have
> necessary improvements been made to Cake that my version wouldn't have?

So far as I know the edgerouter version of cake is pretty current.

the script requires some things about timings that egerouter
may not have.

> Thanks,
> Nick

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