[Cerowrt-devel] stuff that can be dropped from rc8 #113

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 11:15:55 EST 2011

What I am going to try to do here is outline the packages we can
easily drop from rc8
in order to meet the main goals of cerowrt - first and foremost -
creating a test tool to
help fix bufferbloat. We can always add this stuff back in later, with
funding, or with
people (other than me) doing the development, build, integration, and test work.

This involves making some hard choices about reducing things on the roadmap
down to a sane level on the amount of resources we will have next quarter.


1) bind9.

I'm glad we got it working. It's a great proof of concept. Seeing
DNSSEC work was awesome

A) However, bind-latest doesn't build anymore for some reason, and I
don't know why.
B) until bug #113 is fixed - and it sure as hell doesn't need to be
fixed on a embedded system -
    there's no point in DNSSEC. Nobody has fixed it, we simply don't
have the resources to
    do it ourselves.
C) even with 'proof of concept' of the dhcp-dns automagic naming
scheme, we have no
    working version of that now that can be applied for general usage.
This too, does
    not need to be developed on an embeddded system.

D) dnsmasq is better integrated with the gui and 'just works

2) ISC-ntp

A) It's big, complex, and ALSO isn't building at the moment.
B) busybox-ntp is integrated with the gui and just works.

I note we can make a step forward towards getting dnssec to work right
by hacking up
that version of ntp to do pre and post 'I got time' scripts.

As for bug #113

I have poked deeply into the uclibc library and discovered it's
getaddrinfo routine
is a cheap hack on top of gethostbyname. Poking into ntp itself did not show
a decent concept of 'get dns, fail, try something else, then validate'...


I'm not expert at any of these subsystems, and me spending any more time on it
than I already have this year does not seem productive.

Eliminating these two packages from the build knocks out bugs #113, #205,
#239, #238, #233, #280, #281. It would be good to throw all these over the
wall to isc's bug system and have tracking numbers to deal with there.

Dave Täht
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