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Maciej Soltysiak maciej at soltysiak.com
Sat Apr 7 13:28:50 EDT 2012

Hi Dave,

On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 9:49 PM, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Can anyone please tell me which Open WRT package set is Cero WRT based
> on?
> > Is it
> > a) openwrt trunk -
> > http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/ar71xx/packages/
> > b) openwrt backfire -
> > http://downloads.openwrt.org/backfire/10.03/ar71xx/packages/
> > c) other?
> Other. It is based on trunk + a few extra packages and kernel options.
> I use git from nbd's repository rather than svn.
I understand you mean: git://nbd.name/openwrt.git and git://
nbd.name/packages.git ?

I believe in a previous message the correct procedure for pulling was
> documented.
You mean this:

The instructions seem to mismatch repository names, e.g. there's no
cerofiles on your github but cerofiles-3.3, etc.
I have a redmine account and I could correct the wiki but should the wiki
be updated to the github, or repos renamed @ github?
Keeping strategic naming might be important.

This has to get cleaned up and documented better but I only got back
> to working builds on monday...

If I can get myself able to use the right repositories to build packages
for myself I could contribute to correct the documentation.

> Also, if I want to add a package, say minidlna or ntfs-3g drivers from
> > openwrt, which packages should I use?
> Presently I am pulling directly from the openwrt packages repo. I will
> freeze fairly soon and try to maintain a stable packages repo on
> github.
I am too. I noticed some openwrt packages do not work out of the box.
miniupnpd doesn't start (don't know why yet),
minidlna warns about interface names changed. So there are some tweaks here
and there required to make it not trip on cero-specific changes. I was
wondering what would be the process to make available the packages that are
stock openwrt but not in cero RC repository. I mean changing a config file
to correct inteface names is trivial and isn't running a DLNA server on a
debloated router a cool thing? I think it is!

I note that I found the performance of ntfs-3g to be dismal and you
> are far better off to reformat said drive for ext4, if you intend to
> use openwrt/cerowrt as a nas. (far better off as in , 50x better off)
I found that too but I only have 1TB drive full of data and can't convert
without getting another one :)

Please feel free to publish your preliminary results here or on the
> wiki. It is still very early days, however, and the default AQM for
> bandwidth shaping remains in flux and is off by defautl (and buggy
> when on)
Well, it's just netalyzr at the moment. stock wndr3800 gave me latency
measurement of over 1500 ms and both upload/download was in red. I decided
to finally checkout cerowrt when I couldn't play youtube smoothely for my
kid when switching to full screen. Now I am in the green with around 150ms.
But I would have to retest to get actual values as these are from memory.

I have a 6Mb link that's about to upgraded to 50Mb. I wonder what effect
will that have on my latencies and buffer bloat here.

The rest of your reply needs more attention of my brain power to fully
grasp as I'm fresh to fiddling with cerowrt :)
Where's the debloat script?

> I would LOVE some netanlyzer results from that from people with adsl,
> cable modems, and other forms of uplinks, with debloat as it stands
> on, and off. (and as I noted, sfqred is ON on the internal interfaces
> too)
Will do, I'm on cable.

Maciej Soltysiak
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