[Cerowrt-devel] router chipset selection for cero-2

Luke Hamburg luke at solvent-llc.com
Mon Aug 13 01:59:33 EDT 2012

How about something like the Jetway

-Atom N2600 (new) CedarView CPU: fairly capable + very low wattage (fanless)
-mini-PCIe card slot (comes populated with a B/G/N-card but that is easily
-dual gigabit Ethernet ports, USB ports, serial/COM ports
-rugged industrial design (all metal enclosure) - with (4) antenna holes!

The Comcerto C2200<http://www.mindspeed.com/products/cpe-processors/comcertoreg-2000>sure
does have some wonderful-sounding specs - but for now I couldn't find
any available (or even planned) hardware. I realize this Atom unit doesn't
satisfy all of the requirements (no hardware RNG, not sure about hooking to
advanced interfaces e.g. GPON) but surely this beats a wndr3700 ?


On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 9:44 PM, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:

> I can't remember with whom I was talking to about alternatives to mips
> for home router processors, but this is the first new one I've seen in
> the arm world that comes close to being one...
> http://electronicdesign.com/article/digital/dualcore-cortexa9-tackles-communication-gateway-chores-74092
> Most of the new arms are targetted at the burgeoning handheld markets.
> A router has no use for video
> and a big use for pci busses and multiple ethernet chips, which the
> handheld targetted chips usually don't have...
> All that said, the arm ecosystem appears to be healthier than the mips
> ecosystem, overall.
> The marvell kirkwood (dreamplug) is getting long in the tooth, the
> octeon is too expensive (and the cool onboard hardware locked away
> with binary blobs), the various atheros chipsets I'm aware of a little
> too weak, the broadcoms a little too proprietary, and perhaps this new
> chip from mindspeed would be "just right".
> So... Anyone know about the comcerto 2000, or of anything else out there?
> I figure cerowrt's ar71xx chipset currently has less than 18 months of
> market life left to it.
> While I would hope to have finished fixing the home router market by
> then, deploying fq_codel, getting ipv6 made default, solving the
> naming problems, deploying dnssec, etc and genericall  fixing all the
> head-ends and the rest of the known internet universe, etc, I'm not
> planning on it. :)
> So thinking about what next piece of open, and more powerful hardware
> to complete the research/work with is starting to weigh on my mind.
> Big Goals:
> Faster, better, not cheaper
> Open source in all core components
> 802.11ac
> Hardware rng
> Capable of gigE ipv6 *routing*
> Capable of being hooked to various advanced interfaces (gpon, cable, adsl)
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