[Cerowrt-devel] Fwd: development snapshot of cerowrt-3.3.8-21 released

Robert Bradley robert.bradley1 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 10:10:03 EDT 2012

Somehow I managed to send both this and my other email directly to
Richard and not the mailing list...

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From: Robert Bradley <robert.bradley1 at gmail.com>
Date: 29 August 2012 11:57
Subject: Re: [Cerowrt-devel] development snapshot of cerowrt-3.3.8-21 released
To: Richard Brown <richard.e.brown at dartware.com>

On 29 August 2012 02:28, Richard Brown <richard.e.brown at dartware.com> wrote:
> 2) More on the Hurricane Electric tunnel. After adding these lines to the
> config script on the wiki page:
> uci set network.henet.adv_subnet=1        # added for 3.3.8-17
> uci set network.henet.adv_interface=se00
> uci set network.henet.adv_interface=sw10
> I still cannot connect/get an IPv6 address on se00, *but* I can get
> addresses on all four wireless channels. (In retrospect, I believe this was
> true for 3.3.8-17 as well.)

Now I finally have a WNDR3800 to play with, I set up my own tunnel on
3.3.8-17 a couple of weeks back.  I'm using www.broker.ipv6.ac.uk
instead of Hurricane Electric, but the script still worked for me with
minor changes to IP addresses and the like.  I entered most of the
details (local IP address etc.) into the online "Create Tunnel" page
based on my existing gogoc client settings on Ubuntu.

My tunnel interface configuration looks like:

firewall. at zone[0].network=ge00 ipv6_janet
network.ipv6_janet.ip6addr=<remotely assigned IPv6 address, /128>
network.ipv6_janet.ipaddr=<my local IPv4 address>

My radvd settings look like:

root at OpenWrt:~# uci show radvd
radvd. at interface[0]=interface
radvd. at interface[0].interface=se00
radvd. at interface[0].AdvSendAdvert=1
radvd. at interface[0].AdvRouterAddr=1
radvd. at interface[0].AdvLinkMTU=1480
radvd. at interface[0].ignore=0
radvd. at interface[0].IgnoreIfMissing=1
radvd. at interface[0].AdvSourceLLAddress=1
radvd. at interface[0].AdvDefaultPreference=medium
radvd. at interface[0].AdvOtherConfigFlag=1
radvd. at prefix[0]=prefix
radvd. at prefix[0].interface=se00
radvd. at prefix[0].prefix=
radvd. at prefix[0].AdvOnLink=1
radvd. at prefix[0].AdvAutonomous=1
radvd. at prefix[0].AdvRouterAddr=0
radvd. at prefix[0].ignore=0
radvd. at interface[1]=interface
radvd. at interface[1].interface=sw00
radvd. at interface[1].AdvSendAdvert=1
radvd. at interface[1].AdvRouterAddr=1
radvd. at interface[1].AdvLinkMTU=1480
radvd. at interface[1].ignore=0
radvd. at interface[1].IgnoreIfMissing=1
radvd. at interface[1].AdvSourceLLAddress=1
radvd. at interface[1].AdvDefaultPreference=medium
radvd. at interface[1].AdvOtherConfigFlag=1
radvd. at prefix[1]=prefix
radvd. at prefix[1].interface=sw00
radvd. at prefix[1].prefix=
radvd. at prefix[1].AdvOnLink=1
radvd. at prefix[1].AdvAutonomous=1
radvd. at prefix[1].AdvRouterAddr=0
radvd. at prefix[1].ignore=0
radvd. at interface[2]=interface
radvd. at interface[2].interface=sw10
radvd. at interface[2].AdvSendAdvert=1
radvd. at interface[2].AdvRouterAddr=1
radvd. at interface[2].AdvLinkMTU=1480
radvd. at interface[2].ignore=0
radvd. at interface[2].IgnoreIfMissing=1
radvd. at interface[2].AdvSourceLLAddress=1
radvd. at interface[2].AdvDefaultPreference=medium
radvd. at interface[2].AdvOtherConfigFlag=1
radvd. at prefix[2]=prefix
radvd. at prefix[2].interface=sw10
radvd. at prefix[2].prefix=
radvd. at prefix[2].AdvOnLink=1
radvd. at prefix[2].AdvAutonomous=1
radvd. at prefix[2].AdvRouterAddr=0
radvd. at prefix[2].ignore=0
radvd. at interface[3]=interface
radvd. at interface[3].interface=gw00
radvd. at interface[3].AdvSendAdvert=1
radvd. at interface[3].AdvRouterAddr=1
radvd. at interface[3].AdvLinkMTU=1480
radvd. at interface[3].ignore=0
radvd. at interface[3].IgnoreIfMissing=1
radvd. at interface[3].AdvSourceLLAddress=1
radvd. at interface[3].AdvDefaultPreference=medium
radvd. at interface[3].AdvOtherConfigFlag=1
radvd. at prefix[3]=prefix
radvd. at prefix[3].interface=gw00
radvd. at prefix[3].prefix=
radvd. at prefix[3].AdvOnLink=1
radvd. at prefix[3].AdvAutonomous=1
radvd. at prefix[3].AdvRouterAddr=0
radvd. at prefix[3].ignore=0
radvd. at interface[4]=interface
radvd. at interface[4].interface=gw10
radvd. at interface[4].AdvSendAdvert=1
radvd. at interface[4].AdvRouterAddr=1
radvd. at interface[4].AdvLinkMTU=1480
radvd. at interface[4].ignore=0
radvd. at interface[4].IgnoreIfMissing=1
radvd. at interface[4].AdvSourceLLAddress=1
radvd. at interface[4].AdvDefaultPreference=medium
radvd. at interface[4].AdvOtherConfigFlag=1
radvd. at prefix[4]=prefix
radvd. at prefix[4].interface=gw10
radvd. at prefix[4].prefix=
radvd. at prefix[4].AdvOnLink=1
radvd. at prefix[4].AdvAutonomous=1
radvd. at prefix[4].AdvRouterAddr=0
radvd. at prefix[4].ignore=0
radvd. at rdnss[0]=rdnss
radvd. at rdnss[0].ignore=0
radvd. at rdnss[0].interface=se00
radvd. at dnssl[0]=dnssl
radvd. at dnssl[0].ignore=0
radvd. at dnssl[0].interface=se00
radvd. at dnssl[0].suffix=home.lan
radvd. at rdnss[1]=rdnss
radvd. at rdnss[1].ignore=0
radvd. at rdnss[1].interface=sw00
radvd. at dnssl[1]=dnssl
radvd. at dnssl[1].ignore=0
radvd. at dnssl[1].interface=sw00
radvd. at dnssl[1].suffix=home.lan
radvd. at rdnss[2]=rdnss
radvd. at rdnss[2].ignore=0
radvd. at rdnss[2].interface=sw10
radvd. at dnssl[2]=dnssl
radvd. at dnssl[2].ignore=0
radvd. at dnssl[2].interface=sw10
radvd. at dnssl[2].suffix=home.lan
radvd. at rdnss[3]=rdnss
radvd. at rdnss[3].ignore=0
radvd. at rdnss[3].interface=gw00
radvd. at dnssl[3]=dnssl
radvd. at dnssl[3].ignore=0
radvd. at dnssl[3].interface=gw00
radvd. at dnssl[3].suffix=home.lan
radvd. at rdnss[4]=rdnss
radvd. at rdnss[4].ignore=0
radvd. at rdnss[4].interface=gw10
radvd. at dnssl[4]=dnssl
radvd. at dnssl[4].ignore=0
radvd. at dnssl[4].interface=gw10
radvd. at dnssl[4].suffix=home.lan

and for safety, I explicitly allowed inbound wan traffic using
protocol 41, since I set up a default-drop rule for IPv4 wan traffic.

> 3) Is it possible that DNS come back earlier in the boot sequence? It seemed
> that CeroWrt began responding within a minute (or so) to DNS queries,
> instead of the 2-5 minutes that I've seen with earlier builds.

I imagine that the difference is down to using dnsmasq for DNS now
instead of BIND.

Robert Bradley

Robert Bradley

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