[Cerowrt-devel] Bufferbloat at LUG talk - Meeting Report

Richard Brown richard.e.brown at dartware.com
Sun Dec 9 19:16:29 EST 2012

Hello Maciej,

Thanks for the kind words about my presentation.

Your imagined dialog is spot on. It's a good way to let people recognize this common situation, and what the fix might be.

Best regards,


On Dec 9, 2012, at 12:32 PM, Maciej Soltysiak <maciej at soltysiak.com<mailto:maciej at soltysiak.com>> wrote:

Excellent job Richard! Those slides are very clean and informative and you got fantastic real life user reports!
Point #1 is very common: lots of behind-the-scenes javascript, buffering, asynchronous requests, facebook chat box and updates, etc.

I was trying to make a mock conversation for the purpose of providing a story backing up the debloating efforts so that end users realize better what's going on. Please, guys, have a look and comment:

Part 1 is an intro, also touching on tiered ISP services. Part 2 would be what bufferbloat is all about. Part 3 is an outro to have the users have a take-home message, also touching on DPI and other evil stuff ISPs do trying to workaround the issues.

You can edit that wiki.

I couldn't post it on bufferbloat.net<http://bufferbloat.net/> wiki because I don't seem to have privilege to create new pages so I setup my own.


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