[Cerowrt-devel] Current state of ipv6 in openwrt barrier breaker

Steven Barth cyrus at openwrt.org
Wed Dec 12 04:19:52 EST 2012

Hi Ole, Dave,

> the worst you can expect is a /64 on the link-net and no PD. I suggest you don't support that case.
The problem is that (some) people are expecting to be able to just plug 
other routers behind their main uplink router for whatever reasons (e.g. 
additional WiFi-network etc.) like they have with IPv4 or e.g. make a 
router just connect to a non-WDS WiFi in client mode and extend their 

As the home router shouldn't do PD to further distribute the ISP-prefix 
it is hard to support this with IPv6 except with detecting the case and 
doing NDP-Proxying then as bridging might not always be possible or 
desired in this case.

And supporting all of this above would have the side-effect that such 
ISP without PD would be supported as well so I'm not really sure.

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