[Cerowrt-devel] Current state of ipv6 in openwrt barrier breaker

Ole Trøan otroan at employees.org
Wed Dec 12 04:28:32 EST 2012


>> the worst you can expect is a /64 on the link-net and no PD. I suggest you don't support that case.
> The problem is that (some) people are expecting to be able to just plug other routers behind their main uplink router for whatever reasons (e.g. additional WiFi-network etc.) like they have with IPv4 or e.g. make a router just connect to a non-WDS WiFi in client mode and extend their network.

that only works in IPv4 if you have a good tail wind and your fingers crossed.

> As the home router shouldn't do PD to further distribute the ISP-prefix it is hard to support this with IPv6 except with detecting the case and doing NDP-Proxying then as bridging might not always be possible or desired in this case.

you could use hierarchical PD, just that it doesn't work well with:
 - networks with loops
 - multi-homed networks

and it is quite wasteful with regards to subnet space.

> And supporting all of this above would have the side-effect that such ISP without PD would be supported as well so I'm not really sure.

ND proxy fails in any topology with a loop.

we do have an implementation on github that implements
that supports prefix assignment with an arbitrary topology in the network. why not use that?


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