[Cerowrt-devel] no 3.3.8-4 yet

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 22:24:33 EDT 2012

I'd hoped to get a cleaned up version of 3.3.8-3 this weekend but ran
into multiple snags.

+ package signing landed thx to the ever prolific steven walker
+ progress was made regarding the last showstopping bug in
quagga-babel (ipv4/interface updates)
+ progress also in quagga for authenticated routing info (denis is
doing great stuff)
+ I fixed the debloat script to lower the packet limit in fq_codel and
also compensate for the ethtool
   syntax change. Same fixes for simple_qos
+ Made transmission do CS1 on ipv6 and ipv4
+ Put out an RFC patch to the codel list to handle ECN differently
that I expect to cause controversy.

- Although I pushed out a bunch of stuff to openwrt, most of it didn't
actually land yet there
- The openwrt buildbot cluster(s) went into chaos again - major fixes
went into place but more
   build servers are still needed
- I didn't figure out how to actually sign packages
- I noticed that GRO (generic recieve offload) is now on in linux 3.3
and I'm very adverse to all methods
  of bulk shipping packets around (like tso/gso especially). I don't
quite understand the effects of GRO
- hope the quagga patches land soon
- need to fix qos-scripts along the lines of simple_qos
- still run out of memory fairly easily under some stressful benchmarks
- didn't get to the upnp problem

My personal life, finances, emotions in general are very chaotic at
the moment so it's difficult
for me to commit to dates and schedules for cerowrt. Spending 3 weeks
away from the continuous integration
process with openwrt cost me a week's worth of effort just to catch
up. Openwrt is attempting a freeze itself
so I'm doing my best to get stuff tested that needs to make it there...

And cerowrt, bufferbloat, codel, etc are all unfunded projects -
despite trying to get them funded for 16 months - so I have some paid
stuff coming up I'll need to focus on outside of these projects very
soon just to keep my own lights on.

So I'm in a bit of a quandary re how to make the best progress forward
at this point. I'm not going to have
a lot of spare time this week, for sure, to focus on this, as badly as
I would like to have a good stable release
to base a ton of testing and benchmarks on, and for you all to play with.

I'm delighted that we have so many volunteers from so many walks of
life and companies participating
in all the efforts we have going. I'm glad that I worked full time on
this stuff for this long and that all the results - especially for
codel and derivatives are ever more promising -  but...

I will certainly argue that my own focuses on research and on the
original planned feature set for cerowrt is a real problem - package
signing is a major feature we've wanted to have in the original
product definition and I'm delighted to be able to test it - and the
quagga work has been going on since last august and is looking great -
and fiddling with torrent over this weekend exposed three issues with
fq_codel that need to be addressed -

but I'm not scaling, and I'd like to find ways to scale this up better
than it currently is.

I am thinking that the best thing to do would be for me to step down
as project maintainer, and
see if someone else could step up to stablize cero enough to be
deployable as a base for all the
other research projects we have. And/or focus on the funding problem
really hard -

or, merely apologize for the upcoming slowness in release cycles and
keep at it at a reduced level.

Certainly it will be easier to freeze cero after openwrt freezes.

Regardless I do hope to get 3.3.8-4 out by the end of the week, with
sources, and then I'm going
to have to stop for a while, again. but that's it. hope.

Dave Täht
SKYPE: davetaht

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