[Cerowrt-devel] preliminary codel and fq_codel support for cerowrt

Richard Brown richard.e.brown at dartware.com
Tue May 15 17:11:04 EDT 2012

On May 15, 2012, at 3:00 PM, Outback Dingo wrote:


This release suffers from an unrelated bug ( #379 ) and should NOT be
installed as your main router. I would love to beat this bug because
it's the only prio 1 remaining but thus far, no luck. Under lighter
loads CeroWrt appears to work just fine, but that's for me. YMMV.

Get it here: http://huchra.bufferbloat.net/~cero1/3.3/3.3.6-2/

Odd why is there no openwrt-ar71xx-generic-wndr3700-squashfs-factory.img ??
has it been combined with another ???

CeroWrt has no builds for the either the WNDR3700 v1 or v3. The WNDR3700v2 and WNDR3800 both work fine (and the WNDR3800 has more flash memory, so it's a bit more futureproof...)


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