[Cerowrt-devel] preliminary codel and fq_codel support for cerowrt

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Wed May 16 12:34:54 EDT 2012

Hi Dave,

so I upgraded my router to the most recent version, and hey I am really impressed, thanks a lot for all the work. 
(I never really stress the local network, and the internet is 5/30 so I consider to be on the safe side of #379 and decided to ignore your recommendation about the suitability for main routers). 
	I tried the simple_qos.sh script and for my testing it is quite nice indeed. The whole network stays quite responsive even during abuse. The whole expeience was quite pleasant (using ssh over a ssl based VPN to remote control an X11 session while stressing in and out direction); counter to my subjective experience though netalyzr was detecting 3000 odd milliseconds of buffering upstream (downstream was fine). Once I find more time I will have a go at reproducing that. (Now I have to figure out whether I need to restart simple_qos.sh anytime I down or up an interface; any pointer?) BTW, how do you envision this to be started under the AQM tab; shall this start simple_qos or rather debloat?
Small observation, port 81 on the router seems open to the internet, easily fixed, but maybe something you might want know :)

Anyway, thanks again

On May 14, 2012, at 1:59 PM, Dave Taht wrote:

> A test release of CeroWrt is now available that has support for Kathie
> Nichols' and Van Jacobson's new AQM, Codel , and Eric Dumazet's new
> fair queuing implementation on top of that, fq_codel.
> fq_codel is enabled on all interfaces by default. It is vastly simpler
> than what we were using before (sfqred) and draws upon and improves on
> the same body of ideas (head drop, fq, timestamping) but is now tied
> to Kathie and Van's blinding insights as to a good drop strategy, and
> Eric's successor-to-sfqred ideas as towards head of queue behavior,
> modern amounts of flows, and cache line optimizations.
> There is a simple_qos.sh script that can be set to your uplink and
> downlink speeds, but no uci interface for it as yet, nor gui. (help on
> finishing aqm-scripts and the luci interface gladly accepted)
> To see all the chocolately goodness of what fq_codel can do to wired
> and wireless latency, it would be good for more to play with it.
> Benchmarks have been very good thus far, and more benchmarks and
> analysis are highly desired.
> Caveat:
> This release suffers from an unrelated bug ( #379 ) and should NOT be
> installed as your main router. I would love to beat this bug because
> it's the only prio 1 remaining but thus far, no luck. Under lighter
> loads CeroWrt appears to work just fine, but that's for me. YMMV.
> Get it here: http://huchra.bufferbloat.net/~cero1/3.3/3.3.6-2/
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