[Cerowrt-devel] Fwd: [homenet] Border Router Discovery Protocol

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Oct 11 18:20:01 EDT 2012

some activity on a needed standardization front...

I would like to come up with ways, with ipv4, that will prevent
double-or-worse nat from happening when multiple routers are plugged
into together. With ipv6, to come up with good ways of distributing
uniquely delegated ipv6 subnets out of an ISP's assigned prefixes.

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>> PS:  I'd also be quite happy to see BRDP go out as an
>>  Experimental status RFC initially, whether through
>>  the IETF track, IRTF Routing RG, or the ISE-track.
>>  BRDP seems very useful and useful protocols tend
>>  to self-deploy into environments where they are useful.
> We also have Eric Kline's draft in similar space: draft-kline-default-perimeter-00.
> Both can hopefully contribute to the solution for this problem space in homenet.

I have read the BRDP framework document, but I failed to understand
how BRDP solves the problem of how a border is discovered.
it explains well how to act when a border has been established, but I
don't understand how BRDP helps getting to that point. pointers?


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