[Cerowrt-devel] [homenet] Border Router Discovery Protocol

Ole Trøan otroan at employees.org
Fri Oct 12 03:26:01 EDT 2012

Dave et al,

in my view the most promising proposal for prefix assignment is here:

can quite easily be expanded to support IPv4 as well.
there are a couple of implementations underway, and a possibly interop event at the Atlanta IETF.

> some activity on a needed standardization front...
> I would like to come up with ways, with ipv4, that will prevent
> double-or-worse nat from happening when multiple routers are plugged
> into together. With ipv6, to come up with good ways of distributing
> uniquely delegated ipv6 subnets out of an ISP's assigned prefixes.
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> Subject: Re: [homenet] Border Router Discovery Protocol
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>>> PS:  I'd also be quite happy to see BRDP go out as an
>>> Experimental status RFC initially, whether through
>>> the IETF track, IRTF Routing RG, or the ISE-track.
>>> BRDP seems very useful and useful protocols tend
>>> to self-deploy into environments where they are useful.
>> We also have Eric Kline's draft in similar space: draft-kline-default-perimeter-00.
>> Both can hopefully contribute to the solution for this problem space in homenet.
> I have read the BRDP framework document, but I failed to understand
> how BRDP solves the problem of how a border is discovered.
> it explains well how to act when a border has been established, but I
> don't understand how BRDP helps getting to that point. pointers?
> cheers,
> Ole
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