[Cerowrt-devel] shaggy dog story on 3.8.8-4 experiences

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Tue Apr 30 15:29:25 EDT 2013

On my todo list was moving from 3.3 installed last summer to 3.8.8-4,
via the forklift method of configuring a new device and installing it.

Something was up on my network, and I discovered that I could not ssh
into my 3800, and so on Sunday afternoon when I figured that I wasn't
going to interrupt anything, I rebooted it from the web interface, which
was still working.
Sadly, it did come back, but it wasn't in the configuration I expected,
and I could not access it.  I'm way too used to having a serial console
on everything...
I was about to flash it, when I thought... good time for 3.8.8-4, so 
I put that one in place, and uploaded my config back from November,
and... that unit promptly went away.  I've since concluded after
examining that configuration, that this wasn't the last and final
configuration, and that likely the previous unit ("55" I call it) had
never properly saved it's config.

A few hours later (BBQ-Pizza and bed time stories were in the way), I
got things back to normal....  I've now extracted the config backup into
a git tree and actually read it to confirm that it's sane.

My observations:

1) I find it really confusing to have a default route on each interface
   details.  It's clear to me now that I want to only set the default
   route on the interface which is my uplink, but it seems like maybe
   I should set the same thing on the other interfaces, but that leads
   to bad things.

2) I don't think that I got RAs turned on properly on at least one of
   my interfaces.  I did do it today with unit 55 on the bench, so I'm
   unclear what I did wrong.

3) mDNS does not announce the actual hostname that I gave to the device
   only "cerowrt".

4) I guess the "prefix routed to this device for other interfaces" is
   the beginnings of 6204/homenet support.  I'm unclear if it makes
   sense for it to be settable on multiple interfaces, at least not 
   I think it belongs in the advanced settings pane.
5) I did get prefixes assigned to interfaces... alas, it duplicated
   prefixes which were already assigned to other interfaces!!!
   I did setup the hints, but perhaps not for all interfaces.
   At least one prefix is behind another router, so this router can not
   see that prefix is already in use.  Suggestion: start at highest
   number available and work downwards.
   These assignments should probably go somewhere near the DHCP device
   assignment list.

6) is there anything between complete flash and boot?
   If I hold down "factory reset" until it's yellow, what does that 
   mean?  I'd like a "reset to LAN-1 has no-VLANs, just DHCP+v6-ULA-RA"
   and configuration is ignored, but is still present.  Is that

7) I tried the AQM page, and I think it worked.  

8) I can't make the firewall do what I want, given that I have routed
   public IPv4, so I wind up just writing iptables command in the
   firewall.user file... 
   That's also where I removed the /64 routes for the prefixes that were
   assigned to the wrong interfaces...

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