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Subject: [Cerowrt - Bug #437] bug in initializing wifi interfaces

Issue #437 has been updated by David Taht.

Stephen walker rightly pointed out that netifd has taken over some of
the functionality
formerly in mac80211.sh. I just merged the code in cero with that, and
gave it a shot.


It is looking good here. slam this file into your /lib/wifi and see
what happens?
Bug #437: bug in initializing wifi interfaces

Author: David Taht
Status: New
Priority: Normal
Target version:

Since about cerowrt 3.10.18 there has been a bug in initializing the
wifi interfaces.

It looks like a set of race conditions in netfd. On initial boot
(while competing with a jffss init,
it generally does better in bringing up more interfaces) but on the
second boot, it's anybody's guess as to what will come up.

(there is a similar problem in starting dnsmasq)

The problem persists in cerowrt 3.10.24-4 which is built from openwrt svn 39076

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