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Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Dec 16 02:07:20 EST 2013

I have longed for the source specific functionality for several
reasons. I am sore tempted to replace quagga with this version of
babeld because:

0) homenet compatible patches for quagga ospf haven't been merged yet
1) I would like to test ipv6 native, 6rd, and several forms of tunnel
at the same time. babels will let me do this
2) the mptcp congestion control problem is fascinating

Is there anyone using quagga's other routing protocols currently and
can't live without being able to add in ripd, bgp, or ospf?

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Date: Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 2:31 AM
Subject: [Babel-users] ANNOUNCE: Babel-S update
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Dear all,

There is many changes in the source-sensitive version of babeld
since the last announce. Recall that the code is available at:

    git clone -b source-specific


- configuration:

    - filter: you can filter source-specific routes using "src-ip", "src-eq",
        "src-le", "src-ge".  It works as "ip", "eq", etc.

    - importing specific routes: now, this is done via filters.  Instead of
        using "allow", just use "src-specific <prefix>".  This can be done
        either in the "redistribute" or "in" filters.

        For example, in order to redistribute all v4 routes as specific to, use

            redistribute src-specific

        Be worry when using it in the "in" filter... You will found details and
        more examples in the manpages.

- implementation:

    - IPV6-SUBTREES: Since Linux 3.10.12, source-sensitive routing tables can be
        used as we expected.  If you compile the code with '-D IPV6_SUBTREES',
        it will use the native netlink API instead of using multiple routing
        tables with rules over it.  Of course, the IPv4 part of the code is let

        The best solution would be to check it dynamically.  If someone knows
        how to do that...

    - requests: Source-specific request messages are implemented.

- other:

    Many bugs have been fixed, especially for the interoperability and TLV
    compression mechanism.

Best regards,

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Dave Täht

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