[Cerowrt-devel] Intuition of this guy improved his 1, 5 Mbit DSL line

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Wed Dec 18 11:17:00 EST 2013

Hi Fred,

On Dec 18, 2013, at 14:35 , Fred Stratton <fredstratton at imap.cc> wrote:

> I used TomatoUSB -the shibby builds, rather than the Toastman ones- for several years prior to moving to OpenWRT and then ceroWRT.
> The TomatoUSB community has repeatedly shouted down any attempts  to discuss Getty's original findings, so it has been up to individuals to find QoS solutions.
> Shibby has the best QoS implementation.
> http://tomato.groov.pl
> I did not get very far. It was not possible to watch flash video and download simultaneously on a 4 megabit/s ADSL2+ line.

	I am not too amazed, neither the toast man nor shibby forks of tomato seem to handle the ATM link layer properly, at 4Mbit/s down and less up this omission is going to be noticeable no matter how god their AQM/QOS system might be otherwise. Looking today it looks like only Gargoyle actually handles that properly (well almost, they turn on stab unconditionally when PPPoE is used, but that test has some false positives…)

> The problem has been largely solved with the last 3 builds of CeroWRT.

	Yeah, Dave (and the rest of course) really developed  a fine solution to the home router problem!

Best Regards

> On 18/12/13 11:23, Maciej Soltysiak wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Story from slashodot:
>> A guy moved to a low speed DSL connection. When describing what he's
>> done to make it work better, among other things, he mentioned he
>> configured QoS to be below his cap. He put 1100 Mb limit on a 1500 Mb
>> line.
>> He's not using the benefits of fq_codel on his TomatoUSB but he's on
>> the right track.
>> His intuition is good:
>> http://www.tidbitsfortechs.com/2013/12/surviving-internet-on-low-speed-dsl/
>> Would be cool for him to check out latest openwrt if his device can handle it.
>> Best regards,
>> Maciej
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