[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt-3.10.24-8 "North Pole" development build released

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Tue Dec 24 14:51:56 EST 2013

+ committed, tagged and pushed
+ AQM renamed to "SQM"
+ fixed bootup problems in -7 - busybox config had changed in openwrt
(thx toke!)
+ latest "SQM" code (thx Sebastian & Toke!).
+ ICMP is now deprioritized (helps vs ping floods and sweeps. hopefully)
+ fix for the major kernel trap (thx Robert!)
+ babels src routing support (thx Matthieu & babel team!)
+ babels distributes all routes (ipv6 and ipv4) on all interfaces its enabled on
+ dnsmasq reload fixes (thx jow!)
+ resync with openwrt (thx #openwrt)
+ Fix for WMM mode in wifi (old patch accidentally dropped). VO queue
is effectively
   disabled now.
+ quagga still available as a separate package
+ DMA tx error hopefully gone
+ Packages signed by default
+ Portions tested by all you wonderful users

- untested as a whole (only in pieces)
- There may be more kernel traps lurking - there are several thousand
on boot, but I
  was unable to trigger any
- I chickened out and didn't remove the dnsmasq restart from rc.local
- Still working on ipv6  stuff (I did test a HE tunnel, which, after
  disabling 6relayd and uncommenting everything in /etc/dnsmasq.conf
  "just worked")
- STILL haven't got around to fixing the mount utils error in sysupgrade
- SQM doesn't start on boot right

Get it at:


IMPORTANT NOTES 1: If you have an aqm setting you've backed up - the
filename has changed so you will need to copy it sqm and change your
file to refer to package sqm.
Better to recreate from scratch...

2) and there is some sort of race on first boot that stops the sqm
script from running.
(probably module insertion) you will need to toss a /etc/init.d/sqm
restart into /etc/fixdaemons to fix that. Something more robust is
needed. It IS restartable
from the gui, but...

I expect I'll get another cero out before the new year. The biggest
problem I see
is that I can't get ipv6 from comcast to work. As to that being cero
(6relayd?) or this crappy cable modem, don't know. Need to setup a
dhcpv6 server to test it. I'd also really like to get mosh to work (I
have an ipv6 enabled version
in my github), to poke into the upnp issues with apple boxes, and add
https support
to the gui (now that all the random number fixes have stablized)

In looking at traffic the majority incoming from comcast appears to
have diffserv stomped on, so I think an option for squashing inbound
diffserv would be good. (or there is some
other problem that has simple.qos mostly using the background htb bucket)

Also high on my list is figuring out how to use babels to let me setup
ipv6 native,
ipv6 tunneled and 6to4 all at the same time, and have it get routed properly.

the bad 6relayd interaction with dnsmasq has to be resolved somehow.
I'm not sure
to what extent the features of dnsmasq and 6relayd intersect. I keep
just disabling it
and enabling /etc/dnsmasq.conf. I'd like to get 6relayd to work to see
what it does...

Any other outstanding issues that are major? One thing that has really
become apparent has been the need for a comprehensive test suite...

I would still be hesitant to inflict this on spouses and family on
christmas morning, but
a Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good Net!

Dave Täht

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