[Cerowrt-devel] experience upgrade to 3.10.24-8

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Wed Dec 25 13:40:55 EST 2013

I flashed 3.10.24-8 on spare 3800, and put it into use today.
(I can always flip the old unit back)

I was previously running 3.8, I think.
It had developped an issue where I could no longer ssh in, but the web
interface still worked. (This made it really hard to figure out why
I couldn't ssh. I tried putting dropbear with various options into
files that the web interface could edit, but failed)

I did this upgrade by taking my config backup and restoring it on the
new unit.  There was a problem with /etc/config/wireless, where the
radio0/radio1 designation has gone from, I guess, mac address locators
to using PCI locators.  Great, I edited the file, and tried again.
Radio1 came up fine, but radio0 did not until I removed the '' from
some parameters. (really, I just pasted the working wifi-device radio0
definition in, leaving my wifi-iface definitions)

I had two other problems:
  /var/lib/misc did not exist, so dnsmasq did not start.
  /tftp did not exist, (my config has a file in there for an Annex2000) and
          it did not start.

I think that dnsmasq, being critical, should cope better.
I'll try to submit patches on that.

I thought that Xmas afternoon would be a good time to do this upgrade (people
shouldn't be doing computers, should they?) but I forgot that people in the
house wanted to Skype to distant relatives... but that's working now.

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