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Not the 3800's switch, but lots of other ones.  Often caused by a human cabling error.   E.g. a cable connecting one port on a switch to another, which "amplifies" broadcast/multicast traffic into a storm that is also broadcast to other switches, locking up the switch and others.
Just before the switch failed were any events logged related to port up/down?  Not that it needs to be the 3800 switch that is the cause.
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Just wanted to see if anyone has seen an issue like this:

I have a 3800 running Sugarland at a remote site. It was running nice and reliably, connected to the local network by a VLAN trunked connection (I have interfaces for the default VLAN, and VLANS 100 and 200 passing through). Last night it suddenly stopped working. There seems to be no data flowing through the switch at all, even though I can ssh to the router, reboot, poke at it, etc. from over the Internet.

I see no error messages regarding the switch in the logs or dmesg. Anyone else see a 3800 switch crap out unceremoniously?

Bill Katsak

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