[Cerowrt-devel] breaking off a port off the vlan correctly?

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Jan 3 20:58:50 EST 2013

>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> writes:
    Dave> One of the things I've long ignored, despite the popularity of it, is
    Dave> vlan stuff.

    Dave> I care, like everything else, it's just not currently a high priority
    Dave> for me to deal with high rate vlan traffic.

    Dave> But: I just had a need to connect two entirely separate networks
    Dave> together. Being me I just slammed a routed dreamplug between the two
    Dave> lans (which just worked five minutes after I compiled babeld and
    Dave> turned off getting default gateways from dhcp), but it seems saner to
    Dave> just remap one of the ports on a wndr3800 to be its own ethernet
    Dave> device (and keep hacking BQL onto the dreamplug, which is what I have
    Dave> it for)

sorry, do you want to route between two VLAN tags on a single wire,
or do you want to route between two untagged ports on a WNDR3800 ?

Of course, physical ports on the WNDR3800 can be tagged into the CPU, in
theory, but I didn't get it working.

    Dave> default gw box <-> cerowrt <-> dedicated port <-> other network

    Dave> However, in trying to do that, several ways, I made bricks.

    Dave> Wrong way #1: turn on vlan support, create an untagged vlan #2 on port
    Dave> #3 from the switch, disable port #3 from vlan 1, create an interface
    Dave> for it (I did all this via the gui), rebooted...

so, you used the vlan port stuff.

    Dave> Secondly: My assumption is that you run fq_codel on the underlying
    Dave> interface, not the vlan, am I correct in this?

I don't know.

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