[Cerowrt-devel] CeroWrt Modena 3.7.1-1 Field Report

Richard Brown Rich.Brown at intermapper.com
Sun Jan 6 21:42:59 EST 2013

I played more with CeroWrt 3.7.1-1 over the weekend. It seems to be working fine, correcting some of the problems I noted in my CeroWrt 3.6.11-2 message last month.

IPv6 is working via a 6in4 tunnel to Hurricane Electric. (See the script below for configuring it.) The UPNP error has been fixed. I still see the mDNS naming problem where connecting to a different subnet/interfaces gives a "Name Conflict" message.

I posted two shell scripts to the wiki that I use for repeatably testing my configuration:

config.sh - Configure many useful aspects of CeroWrt: change root password; set time zone; enable SNMP and NetFlow;
change default IP address ranges, DNS names, SSID names, QoS settings and wireless security credentials

tunnelbroker.sh - Configure a Hurricane Electric 6in4 tunnel. Also disables the Global ULA address assignment.

Nice work, Dave!


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