[Cerowrt-devel] DLNA with wired and wireless devices

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A non-obvious gateway application that some people like is a "DMZ".  In other words, a portion of the home network (one computer), that handles traffic from the outside that one never wants to reach internal resources that are not in the DMZ.
Home routers often talk about how to setup a DMZ, so there ought to be a way to do so in a routed network.
Please don't react to this by assuming that I personally like the DMZ concept.  I would rather do something more subtle - provide a "honeypot" feature that attracts would-be scanners/attackers to a place where they can do no harm, and where information about them can be collected.  (the latter could be a great benefit to consumers who opt-in to it, whereas the DMZ "feature" is often misused by people to get around the problem of NAT getting in the way - sort of an anti-DMZ)
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Awesome! It seems to be working now. Thanks!
OK, so to me this means that routing in the home, rather than bridging, can work even with upnp and dlna. Which makes me happy as I hope to one day be able to explore the effect of bridging gigE and wireless in larger scale networks. I have plenty of raw data showing how bad an idea it is, but nothing comprehensive as yet.
A core question for me then becomes, how does upnp deal with multiple routers in the home, if they aren't natted?
Another item is that upnp has the ability to advertise the available bandwidth to clients, and I was thinking of storing the rate limiting for ceroshaper in that rather that in a dedicated file. Does anything actually use that information? What do common bittorrent clients do with upnp nowadays? How about skype?
Are there any other common gateway applications that are going to break in a routed environment?-- 
Dave Täht

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