[Cerowrt-devel] Recommendations for cerowrt multi-ap at home?

Kelvin Edmison kelvin at edmison.net
Fri Nov 15 00:03:39 EST 2013

I've been experimenting with two WNDR3800s and meshing, and I'm starting to
wonder if meshing is the right answer for a typical residential user who
needs multiple APs.

My use case is a single cable internet connection, and a footprint that
needs 2 APs to provide sufficient high-performance coverage.  I would like
to provide guest and internal WiFi networks at both APs, so that both will
be reasonably fast.

I initially set up mesh mode according to wiki directions, and have it
mostly up and running.  I can ping from a machine connected to the second
router, across the mesh, to the first router and out to the internet.

The problems I am experiencing are that
1) the second router by default isn't set to forward DNS requests to the
first router, so I have to configure each of the interfaces manually to
supply the IP of the primary router as the DNS server
2) both routers try to maintain DNS for home.lan and do not exchange
3) the Macs in the household go a little nuts when they change networks as
they seem to detect the mdns repeater as a conflict when trying to assume
ownership of the hostname on the new network.  My Mac's hostname has
changed repeatedly to avoid the conflict and is now tesla-71.local.

Is mesh the right way to go here?  What are best practices for tackling
these issues?

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