[Cerowrt-devel] Results using a MoCA bridge on the same setup as the Powerline.

riep at riepnet.com riep at riepnet.com
Sun Apr 20 15:17:39 EDT 2014

In this test, the Downlink Latency is now 180 ms, and the uplink latency is almost double that of the Ethernet Connection, and these results are similar to the Powerline results for the uplink.  However, the Powerline link showed good latency results on the download.

I also ran a speedtest, and the ping times were surprisingly extremely stable, with an average of 15-16 ms, and only one ping went to 107 ms and that was the first ping when the upload speedtest started.

I hope these results will be useful, Frits

Result Summary 
+   – (help)
pool-108-49-217-37.bstnma.fios.verizon.net /
Recorded at 15:12 EDT (19:12 UTC), Apr 20 2014. Permalink. Referrer. Client/server transcript.

Summary of Noteworthy Events+   –

Minor Aberrations–

Only some root servers returned DNSSEC information  

Address-based Tests+   –

NAT detection (?): NAT Detected+

Local Network Interfaces (?): OK+

DNS-based host information (?): OK+

NAT support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) (?): Not found+

Reachability Tests+   –

TCP connectivity (?): OK+

UDP connectivity (?): OK+

Traceroute (?): OK+

Path MTU (?): OK+

Hidden Proxy Detection (?): OK+

Network Access Link Properties+   –

Network performance (?): Latency: 140 ms, Loss: 0.0%+

TCP connection setup latency (?): 140ms+

Background measurement of network health (?): no transient outages+

Network bandwidth (?): Upload >20 Mbit/s, Download >20 Mbit/s+

Network buffer measurements (?): Uplink 270 ms, Downlink 180 ms+

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