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Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 08:23:18 EDT 2014

I note that the cerowrt-devel list is far more used than cerowrt-users, and
you should use that rather than this at this point. Also the #openwrt-devel
and #bufferbloat irc channels on irc are good.

On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 4:34 AM, Paul Tow <macskeeball at gmail.com> wrote:

> I installed CeroWrt two days ago and have noticed that some packages are
> missing from its repository. Specifically, nginx, rtorrent, tmux, and
> screen are in the official OpenWrt trunk repository for ar71xx (
> http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/ar71xx/packages/ ), but not
> in the CeroWrt repository. Why is this?
It takes 10+ hours to build all of openwrt serially and about 3 in
parallel. It takes 27 minutes to build cerowrt with it's more limited
package set - and I often have to burn time I don't have to fix some
obscure package or another. Given our limited resources and time, what I'd
done was pick a "good" package representative of a need - and just do that,
rather than have to support and build the entire smorgasbord. I generally
do add packages to the build for which there is a demonstrated need...

As for torrent, we basically chose transmission as the most useful,
flexible torrent daemon... (think also utorrent is in there, but haven't
checked). as for ngnix, at the time we were making package selections (3
years back) lighttpd was smaller and faster. nginx has come a long way
since then, and while I've considered switching, lighttpd is still
reasonably maintained and more importantly, gave no trouble.

Screen run as root has some security issues, and in my own case I've mostly
switched to using mosh, which has a partial port done for it in cerowrt.
I'd rather fix mosh than add screen, but I can see how it's a desirable
utility. Not sure what tmux is used for nowadays.

> Is it possible for me to list multiple repositories in /etc/opkg.conf, and
> somehow specify their priority? Then I could set it to prefer packages from
> the CeroWrt repository, but still have access to packages that are only in
> the official OpenWrt repository. The opkg page on the OpenWrt Wiki (
> http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/techref/opkg?s[]=etc&s[]=opkg&
> s[]=conf#configuration ) doesn't make it clear if this kind of setup is
> possible.

The core problem I forsee is that mixing and matching binary package
repositories will ultimately lead to some sort of toolchain mismatch.

> Speaking of nginx, I've read that it uses less CPU and RAM than lighttpd
> and is more actively developed, so I'm curious why CeroWrt's developers
> chose lighttpd instead. Does nginx have a problem or a lack of needed
> functionality, or was it not considered?
> http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Web_Server_Performance_Comparison
> http://www.wikivs.com/wiki/lighttpd_vs_nginx
> http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/http.nginx
> http://nginx.org/en/
> CeroWrt is a great project and I appreciate the work its developers do.
> Thank you!

Thanks for joining us. How is your SQM working?

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Dave Täht

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