[Cerowrt-devel] Upper routing throughput limit

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Sat Aug 9 14:52:23 EDT 2014

William Katsak <wkatsak at gmail.com> writes:

> Somehow I didn’t see this email the last time I posted about this. I
> was wondering too about how to nicely do the VLANs for the wifi. I
> wouldn’t mind checking out your config (this will be relevant on the
> Cero wide no matter what I do for the main router).

Right, well I just re-did the setup from a vanilla cerowrt image, so
here goes:

For the secondary access point, I use the wan port as an 'uplink' port
that trunks the vlans for each of the wireless networks (and one for the
wired as well). Thus, vlan1 is the wired lan, vlan2 is the first
'internal' network (sw00), vlan3 is sw10, vlan4 is gw00 and vlan5 is
gw10. For a vanilla cerowrt box, I shut off all daemons apart from
dropbear (for ssh access) and the network config. This includes dnsmasq
(DHCP is assumed to be on the upstream server). Going through init
scripts to `/etc/init.d/foo stop && /etc/init.d/foo disable` until
everything is shut off should do it.

After that, it's really only a few modifications to /etc/config/network
that is needed to achieve this:

1. Get rid of the config for the wan interface completely (the 'config
   interface ge00' block and the ipv6 equivalent).

2. For the se00 interface, make sure these lines are present:
        option 'ifname' 'se00 ge00.1'
        option 'type' 'bridge'
   replacing any lines with the same option names. The openwrt network
   setup automatically configures VLANs from the .N syntax.

3. Similarly, for the wireless interfaces change 'type' from 'none' to
   'bridge' and add an 'option ifname ge00.N' line, with N being the
   vlan number as listed above.

4. Configure the IP addresses of each interface to correspond to the
   upstream router setup. I just add 1 to each IP and configure the DHCP
   server to start at (GW ip)+2 rather than (GW ip)+1.

5. Plug in the cerowrt lan port to the upstream router, and make sure
   that has the appropriate 5 VLANs configured with a DHCP server
   running on each, etc.

I've used this setup for replacing the WNDR box with a beefier device
for high-speed routing, as well as for adding a second WNDR for extended
wifi range (doing that this way rather than meshing allows clients to
roam while keeping their IP and DHCP lease, and gets me a single DNS
namespace since there's only one dnsmasq instance).

Hope this explanation makes sense. :)

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