[Cerowrt-devel] Add a vlan on ge00?

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Thu Dec 11 14:21:14 EST 2014

Hi Rich,

so I recently tried that as well (while testing pppoe via ADSL2+, since then I changed to VDSL2.vectoring where I have not yet tried to set up a pppoe client on cerowrt); and also did not succeed.

I just found a recent discussion on the openwrt forum:

which might help a bit further, also I learned from a different forum post that in the BCP38 tab of the firewall you need to allow the modems address(range) as otherwise BCP38 will disallow connections to the modem.
	I tried to name the interface for the modem se-modem or so, hoping that this would fall under the ipset’s Dave uses for the firewall and automatically allow traffic from the non-guest networks (but since I did not get it to work that theory might be bogus as well).

	Oh, if you manage to set this up I would love to get your recepie so the next time I play with PPPoE  I will still have access to the modem… ;)

Best Regards

On Dec 6, 2014, at 16:23 , Rich Brown <richb.hanover at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'm using a Comtrend AR-5831u DSL modem for my internet access. I've set it up as a bridge, so I have CeroWrt 3.10.50-1 configured to supply the PPP user/password. Everything's working fine. Almost.
> The problem I'm seeing is that my DSL line is dropping on a regular basis. (several times per day, for ~60 seconds or so). I'm quite sure that this is a problem with my provider (Fairpoint), because both the CeroWrt and the DSL modem uptimes are over three weeks (as of our last power failure) while the "DSL uptime" is 1h 37m
> I note that the DSL modem has an admin page that shows a number of stats, including ES, SES, and UAS (which I believe are stats for "errored seconds", "severely errored seconds", and "unavailable seconds") The two columns are labeled "Downstream" and "Upstream". These get bigger after the outages.
> I can see these stats if I plug my laptop's ethernet directly into the DSL modem and connect to its address (I've set it to I would like to be able to peek at these stats whenever I see an outage, or perhaps create an InterMapper probe that retrieves the current values on a regular basis. But I only have a single Ethernet between the DSL modem and CeroWrt.
> My questions:
> It occurs to me that it might be possible to create a VLAN that directs traffic to out the ge00 interface so that I could see the DSL modem without making a direct connection/getting out of my chair :-) My networking configuration skills are pretty weak, so I'm asking the list for help:
> - Is it possible to use a VLAN like this?
> - Is it advisable to use a VLAN like this (the DSL modem is outside the firewall...)?
> - What configuration file(s) need to be changed? (I'm using a fairly simple configuration - see the config-cerowrt.sh script at https://github.com/richb-hanover/CeroWrtScripts#config-cerowrtsh for my base setup.)
> Many thanks!
> Rich
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