[Cerowrt-devel] Managed to break 802.11n (on a 3800)

Aaron Wood woody77 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 10:46:55 EST 2014

> > The 5GHz radio on my 3800 seems to be in a very odd state.  I'm not
> quire sure what state it's in, but it seems to be only doing HT20 1x1.  And
> in a fairly broken manner at that.
> >
> > Running the rrul test (over wifi directly to the router as the
> netserver), tcp uploads were 25Mbps or so, but download was 5Mbps.
>         This is with your mac? Try rrul_noclassification, macosx (at least
> 10.8) will not do RRUL fair to a fast host. Why I do not know… it always
> prioritizes the upload, as if it did not see/trust the downstream markings
> (heck maybe it is busy using all bandwidth for upstream so that it
> literally never sees the markings on the downstream packets..)
> About the other issue I do not know anything...

Sebastian, after sorting out the router, it's still biased, but far less
so, about a 2:1 ratio between upload and download.

Also, my understanding was that with rts/cts, the router was in control of
that aspect of things?  So the AP should be able to balance those?  (or
perhaps the swamped load on the router is interfering, I'd need another
full-size machine on the wired side of the AP to know for sure.

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