[Cerowrt-devel] Managed to break 802.11n (on a 3800)

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Thu Jan 16 12:20:12 EST 2014

Aaron Wood <woody77 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> > The 5GHz radio on my 3800 seems to be in a very odd state.  I'm not
>> quire sure what state it's in, but it seems to be only doing HT20
>1x1.  And
>> in a fairly broken manner at that.
>> >
>> > Running the rrul test (over wifi directly to the router as the
>> netserver), tcp uploads were 25Mbps or so, but download was 5Mbps.
>>         This is with your mac? Try rrul_noclassification, macosx (at
>> 10.8) will not do RRUL fair to a fast host. Why I do not know… it
>> prioritizes the upload, as if it did not see/trust the downstream
>> (heck maybe it is busy using all bandwidth for upstream so that it
>> literally never sees the markings on the downstream packets..)
>> About the other issue I do not know anything...
>Sebastian, after sorting out the router, it's still biased, but far
>so, about a 2:1 ratio between upload and download.

So I See offen 10:1 and worse @165Mbit/s raw wireless rate.

>Also, my understanding was that with rts/cts, the router was in control
>that aspect of things?  

      That is what I thought AS well, but it is not what I See with osx 10.8.

So the AP should be able to balance those?  (or
>perhaps the swamped load on the router is interfering, I'd need another
>full-size machine on the wired side of the AP to know for sure.

      So if I RRUL from wireless over cerowrt to a wired host in my network I still get the imbalance from macosx, so I assume it is a macos thing...



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