[Cerowrt-devel] Managed to break 802.11n (on a 3800)

Aaron Wood woody77 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 14:08:41 EST 2014

>> Sebastian, after sorting out the router, it's still biased, but far
>> less
>> so, about a 2:1 ratio between upload and download.
> So I See offen 10:1 and worse @165Mbit/s raw wireless rate

I get mixed results, but they aren't good.  IIRC, apple really changed something about the media access in 10.8, I'll look into that.  And see if my wife will let me install netperf on her laptop (I think it's still running 10.7)

>> Also, my understanding was that with rts/cts, the router was in control
>> of
>> that aspect of things?  
>      That is what I thought AS well, but it is not what I See with osx 10.8.

It may be a case of the station aggressively asking to send, and the AP granting instead of sending data to the station that's waiting.

It should be clear in a monitor-mode tcpdump (or a statistical summary of packets).


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