[Cerowrt-devel] very development build: cerowrt-3.10.41-2 with some homenet support

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 11:07:15 EDT 2014

- totally untested, absolutely do not install on your main gateway!

  the intent with this build is to start getting an interior router to
work better,
  and multiple bits of code are underconfigured or outright busted
  and/or a step backwards.

+ resync with openwrt

  Among other things, this contains ani fixes for wireless that might be
  relevant for bug 442. As fatal as having that bug has been to doing a
  final, stable release, it has thus far been resistant to analysis.

+ miniupnpd w/ipv6 pcp support
   note that I'm unsure if I got the conf file right
+- avahi deprecated
  (losing our last dependency on dbus, which is also ripped out)
   The end binary firmware still got a bit bigger for some reason
+ mdsnd substituted -
+ ohybridproxy installed by default
+ hnetd NOT installed by default but built as an optional package
   It messes with dhcp serving in particular.

odhcp, mdnsd, hybridproxy, hnetd, and dnsmasq all have to play together
and they don't right now.

+ AHCP left in (for now)

Get it at:


I've had a bit of discussion with the members of homewrt about how to
integrate this stuff in cero, but it looks like a bit of hacking on the
scripts and default conf is necessary to get all the pieces to fit
together. If there are those
out there that would like to participate in getting the pieces to fit,
the best place to pitch in and help is on the #hnet-hackers channel on irc.

Dave Täht

NSFW: https://w2.eff.org/Censorship/Internet_censorship_bills/russell_0296_indecent.article

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