[Cerowrt-devel] htb + fq_codel QoS now available on the ubnt edgerouters

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 20:20:39 EDT 2014


It is not enabled in the gui, but available via an example script that
integrates into their configuration language.

Testing showed it worked well up until above 100mbit on the upload
side. There were some problems on rate limiting downloads above
100mbit that remain unresolved, but most of the rest of the results
were pretty darn good. It is significantly higher power hardware than
what cerowrt uses, built around a modified version of the vyatta OS
(linux 3.4 based) running on an octeon dual core processor. (there are
5+ models of this router, I think one uses an even higher end octeon).
It CAN forward at gigE rates, unlike most low end home router
hardware, where only the switch can handle gigE.

There is no BQL support, so this release is targetted at software rate
limiting and managing common uplinks like cable and dsl.

I don't think the bloat list is really a good place for announcements
of this sort[1], so I will refrain in the future... but it was very
inspiring to see the enthusiasm and excitement this development
spurred on the ubnt forums, and this is the first example of a
deployment on commonly available commercial hardware, with the support
of the manufacturer. Other deployments (such as free.fr's) are private
to their own boxes, or rebranded (such as streamboost), or done in the
aftermarket (openwrt, dd-wrt, cerowrt, ipfire, shorewall, etc)

Dave Täht

[1] Aside from ubnt buying me lunch I have no relationship with them at present.

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