[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt-3.10.44-6 released

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 23:37:42 EDT 2014


+ tested for all of 20 minutes - I intend to start a major test series overnight
and beat the c**p out of it and the other devices I'm working on. feel
free to wait to install.

+ fixed the basic problems with the -5 build
+ same update from openwrt head as in -5.

+ mdnsd nuked again (ultimately we're going to switch to it but not now)

   I had to completely strip mdnsd out of the build to make it go away
(./scripts/feeds uninstall mdnsd)

+ natpmp was conflicting with the same (new unified) functionality in
miniupnpd, si I nuked natpmp.
   not clear if better firewall rules are needed yet, the ipv6
functionality scares me.

- see some errors like:

Wed Jun 25 03:29:13 2014 daemon.warn miniupnpd[4119]: SSDP packet
sender not from a LAN, ignoring

+ netserver started again from xinetd

- it looks like the ntp monitoring thing toke did is not working
and/or we're running the wrong ntp now
    but dnsmasq does not run with timechecks enabled by default, so we do
dnssec correctly with invalid time until something sends a sighup


I'm really looking forward to the barrier breaker freeze.

I am doing no more builds until I replicate bug 442.

Dave Täht

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