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Maybe I am misunderstanding something... it just took my Mac book Pro doing an rsync to copy a TB of data from a small NAS  at work yesterday to get about 700 Gb/sec on a GigE office network for hours yesterday.

I had to do that in our Santana Clara office rather than from home outside Boston, which is where I work 90% of the time.

That's one little computer and one user...

What does my Mac Book Pro draw doing that? 80 Watts?

On Jun 27, 2014, David Lang <david at lang.hm> wrote:
>On Tue, 24 Jun 2014, Michael Richardson wrote:
>> Rick Jones <rick.jones2 at hp.com> wrote:
>>    > Perhaps, but where does having gigabit fibre to a business imply
>the business
>>    > has the space, power, and cooling to host all the servers it
>might need/wish
>>    > to have?
>> That's a secondary decision.
>> Given roof space, solar panels and/or snow-outside, maybe the answer
>is that
>> I regularly have 2 our of 3 of those available in a decentralized
>given the amount of processing capacity that you can get today in a
>cooled system, you can do quite a bit of serving from a small amount of
>and power.
>The days when it took rooms of Sun boxes to saturate a Gb line are long
>you can do that with just a handful of machines.
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