[Cerowrt-devel] CeroWRT and "FTTN" 50/10 VDSL2 (aka "FIBE")

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Mon Jun 30 09:24:09 EDT 2014

Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:
    > The edgerouter (which has fq_codel in their 1.5 firmware release),
    > doesn't.

Yes, I have one, and I've been thinking it might be a better choice for me.

    > (and I haven't got around to booting an openwrt version on it, their firmware
    > is 3.4 based)

good to know.

    > That said I am seeing stuff that indicates inbound htb is increasingly
    > inaccurate on both products starting at about 20 mbit. (I had long
    > assumed before now that it was a cpu limitation as I don't see this on
    > x86) The 36mbit number you got matches mine, try increasing the rate
    > limit to 64mbits and see what happens.

I'll try that today.

    > Also, please measure the bloat you get on the openrg without sqm.... I
    > would hope the downstream bloat is less horrible than cable modems.

Bell Canada and nortel ATM equipment is involved.

    >> connection, but agreed to swap my IPv4/25 for an IPv4/28.
    >> I moved all my IPv4 to traditional NAT'ed, IPv6 all around, and /32
    >> routed the IPv4 to the various machines that actually need it.

    > nifty. When I get a /29 from comcast I don't have that ability, I think.
    > did you do that via proxy arp, or did they give you an ipv4 gateway
    > and routed the /28 ?

v4 gateway and routed /28.

    >> My PPPoE interface doesn't come up on it's own.  What is the "@ge00"
    >> part about?  I'm doing it in /etc/rc.local, which has all sorts of
    >> problems, including failing to include the pppoe-* interface into the
    >> iptables, etc.

    > regrettably how pppoe works is a mystery to me. I'd nuke the @ge00 and
    > try creating the pppoe interface from the gui for a start.

I went through that... it's all there. Netifd just ignores it.

    >> At this point my guess is that netifd has some kind of limit on the number of
    >> interfaces it will bring up.  I have 27 interfaces in my the ifconfig,

    > Well there are other hard limits - for example ifb's number is created by
    > a line in /etc/modules.d/ (ifb numifbs=0)

okay, I'll try making that zero and see if that makes netifd happier.

    >> including the 8 "ifbX" ones, the tun,tap, and my VLANs ("se00.XX") and the
    >> like.  Maybe the number is around 16... I have been looking at netifd source,
    >> and I don't see any obvious struct interfaces[16] or something like that.

    > You definately aren't a typical user.

    >> Is there a way to enable debugging on netifd?  The -d option to it?
    >> The /etc/rc.common stuff is... a bit impenetrable to me...

    > Hit #openwrt-devel for questions - netifd is a rather complex state machine.

I'll try there.
There used to be images/nightlies of barrier breaker, but I can't find them
anymore.  I have two authenticate 54GLs that I want to upgrade...

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