[Cerowrt-devel] CeroWRT and "FTTN" 50/10 VDSL2 (aka "FIBE")

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Mon Jun 30 09:55:27 EDT 2014

Hi Michael,

On Jun 30, 2014, at 15:24 , Michael Richardson <mcr at sandelman.ca> wrote:

> Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The edgerouter (which has fq_codel in their 1.5 firmware release),
>> doesn't.
> Yes, I have one, and I've been thinking it might be a better choice for me.
>> (and I haven't got around to booting an openwrt version on it, their firmware
>> is 3.4 based)
> good to know.
>> That said I am seeing stuff that indicates inbound htb is increasingly
>> inaccurate on both products starting at about 20 mbit. (I had long
>> assumed before now that it was a cpu limitation as I don't see this on
>> x86) The 36mbit number you got matches mine, try increasing the rate
>> limit to 64mbits and see what happens.
> I'll try that today.
>> Also, please measure the bloat you get on the openrg without sqm.... I
>> would hope the downstream bloat is less horrible than cable modems.
> Bell Canada and nortel ATM equipment is involved.

	Oh, that would be quite interesting vdsl2 and atm at the same time. Could you by chance post the status page of your vdsl modem (the more detailed the statistics the better)? (Typically vdsl2 should use packet transfer mode (PTM) instead of ATM between modem and DSLAM, though the DSLAM might still connected to an ATM fabric. It would be interesting to measure whether you still "see" the effects of ATM encapsulation along your link.
	At least in europe the ATM fabric seems on the way out and gets replaced by ethernet links to the FTTC cabinets. 
Note I think that your link will not require link layer adatations for ATM (unless modem and slam talk atm that is).

Best Regards

>>> connection, but agreed to swap my IPv4/25 for an IPv4/28.
>>> I moved all my IPv4 to traditional NAT'ed, IPv6 all around, and /32
>>> routed the IPv4 to the various machines that actually need it.
>> nifty. When I get a /29 from comcast I don't have that ability, I think.
>> did you do that via proxy arp, or did they give you an ipv4 gateway
>> and routed the /28 ?
> v4 gateway and routed /28.
>>> My PPPoE interface doesn't come up on it's own.  What is the "@ge00"
>>> part about?  I'm doing it in /etc/rc.local, which has all sorts of
>>> problems, including failing to include the pppoe-* interface into the
>>> iptables, etc.
>> regrettably how pppoe works is a mystery to me. I'd nuke the @ge00 and
>> try creating the pppoe interface from the gui for a start.
> I went through that... it's all there. Netifd just ignores it.
>>> At this point my guess is that netifd has some kind of limit on the number of
>>> interfaces it will bring up.  I have 27 interfaces in my the ifconfig,
>> Well there are other hard limits - for example ifb's number is created by
>> a line in /etc/modules.d/ (ifb numifbs=0)
> okay, I'll try making that zero and see if that makes netifd happier.
>>> including the 8 "ifbX" ones, the tun,tap, and my VLANs ("se00.XX") and the
>>> like.  Maybe the number is around 16... I have been looking at netifd source,
>>> and I don't see any obvious struct interfaces[16] or something like that.
>> You definately aren't a typical user.
>>> Is there a way to enable debugging on netifd?  The -d option to it?
>>> The /etc/rc.common stuff is... a bit impenetrable to me...
>> Hit #openwrt-devel for questions - netifd is a rather complex state machine.
> I'll try there.
> There used to be images/nightlies of barrier breaker, but I can't find them
> anymore.  I have two authenticate 54GLs that I want to upgrade...
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