[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt-3.10.32-9 released

Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu Valdis.Kletnieks at vt.edu
Sun Mar 16 17:27:51 EDT 2014

On Sun, 16 Mar 2014 12:58:28 -0700, Dave Taht said:
> Get it at:
> http://snapon.lab.bufferbloat.net/~cero2/cerowrt/wndr/3.10.32-9/

> - untested with ipv6 as yet

Running it on my 3800, IPv6 from my laptop to Google and work and
other places seems to be working just fine in my corner of Comcast land.
My laptop gets a DHCPv6 address, a SLAAC address, and generates itself
a privacy address, and they all are reachable from the outside, and my
Rasberry Pi is happily SLAAC'ing away as well.  As far as I can tell,
my TV and my PS3 are IPv4-only, so that's as much as I can test.

If I catch it misbehaving, or there's something in particular you want
poked, yell...

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