[Cerowrt-devel] Problem with Verizon fios router

Ernesto Elias ernestogelias at gmail.com
Wed Mar 19 00:34:10 EDT 2014

Hello everyone I'm having trouble with the actiontec router supplied by
Verizon fios, since I have the bundle service of TV and Internet I need the
fios router to be able to watch on demand but I ran into a problem. It's
that when I made the ont box go Ethernet to be able to use my wndr3800
running cerowrt on it to reduce buffer bloat and so I plugged an Ethernet
cable to one of the Lan port of the wndr3800 to the WAN port of the
actiontec it would seem that the set top boxes don't get a signal and when
I click on the remote to check diagnostic it says that the external network
is down and we'll I have question is there anything I have to do special
for the actiontec to get Internet connection to the stb?
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