[Cerowrt-devel] DNSSEC & NTP Bootstrapping

Joseph Swick cerowrt at decoy.cotse.net
Fri Mar 21 23:33:27 EDT 2014

Hi List,
I've been lurking for several months now on the list and I remember some
discussion about trying to find acceptable methods for bootstrapping the
local system time so that DNSSEC would work.

I recently got around to updating my router a week or two ago from 3.7.?
to 3.10.28-16 because Comcast finally switched on IPv6 for my neck of
the woods (realized this when I finally noticed the performance impact
of the issues with Comcast IPv6 and the 3.7 release) .  Tonight, I went
and reset my configuration this evening to clear out some mistakes I
made (that was keeping IPv6 from working).  Then I noticed that was
getting SERVFAIL for some domains (e.g.: bufferbloat.net) and not others
and (in trying to keep this short) I finally remembered to check the
clock on the router and saw that it was set to Feb 24th instead of the
correct time & date.

Is the current recommendation still to put in a couple of IPs for NTP
servers into the config of the router?  Or has there been more work
towards resolving the NTP bootstrap issue in the more recent releases?



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