[Cerowrt-devel] 3.10.32-12 results on Free.fr

Aaron Wood woody77 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 06:21:13 EDT 2014

Dave had asked about results from .32-12 on DSL, and in particular how pie
was fairing on dsl.  I finally was able to setup a clean test env
yesterday, and ran a bunch of tests.



- I'm still dropping a lot of "small-flow" packets when heavily loaded, I'm
not sure why.  Free.fr's freebox doesn't do this, it's definitely in cero.

- pie still sucks on dsl (or on my dsl).  latency with rrul was up over
1sec (and continually growing over the course of the test)

I feel like _something_ is misconfigured, and that's why I'm dropping
packets the way that I am.  I really would like to solve that.  Free.fr's
sfq implementation behaves quite nicely, and by comparison, doesn't drop
UDP packets under load.

This was all ipv4-only (I haven't asked the apartment owner to turn on ipv6
with Free.fr).

In about 2 months, I'll be back in the Bay Area.  With either sonic.net DSL
(bonded channels for 30/2 service), or with Comcast.  Comcast most likely.
 It would be nice to have 3-5Mb upload again.

Any other tests/questions, feel free to ask.  I can perform tests in the
morning and early afternoon when things are quiet around here.

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