[Cerowrt-devel] More on netperf.richb-hanover.com

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Thu Mar 27 14:38:53 EDT 2014


In the betterspeedtest.sh note, I mentioned that I stood up a netperf server at netperf.richb-hanover.com for the world to use. It seems to be handling the load, but I still want to keep an eye on it.

I also wanted to learn about Node.js and some of the associated modules and libraries. So I put together a simple web app that displays the recent history of netserver activations. You can see it at:


Each netserver session creates a file named 'netserver.debug#####" in /tmp. A RRUL session creates eight files - four up and four down. The site's algorithm is to look through /tmp for those log files and then check the creation date to see the distribution of activity. If you're terminally curious, look at the About page for details on the code. (It's remarkably easy...)

My advice on this server: USE IT! It's loafing right now, and we'll see how much load it gets. I also plan to have more fun with Node.js and add in load average, longer-term storage of the historical data, etc. just because I (think I) can.



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