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If the wireless license they propose is like guifis this is pretty cool...
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Subject: [Battlemesh] Toward a network commons: Building an Internet for
and by the people.
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Greetings Battlemeshers!

A coalition of free/libre community-owned networks around the world
has submitted an application for a Knight News Challenge grant aimed
at strengthening the Internet for free expression and innovation.


Please check it out, give us feedback in the form of Comments, and
some "Applause" if you dig the idea!

The goal of funding is trifold:
* To support the development of the Network Commons License[1] and an
organization to uphold it,
* To support an international Free Networks summit to gather together
representatives of free networks[2] in one place to share ideas and
resources toward creating the aforementioned organization,
* To support the creation of educational materials, workshops, and
guides for the construction and maintenance of free networks.

[1] There is currently an effort underway to develop a Network Commons
License - similar to a Creative Commons License - to enable legal
support for free networks. Two weeks ago, a group of folks
representing Sudo Mesh, wlan-slovenija, LA Meshnet, Kansas City
Freedom Network and Austin Freenet converged in Austin for the Free
Network Foundation's winter summit. It was an awesome, intensive
couple of days with remote participation from several other groups.
You can read notes from the summit here:

* Draft of the Free Network Definition:
* Draft of the Network Commons License:

[2] The following groups helped draft the Knight News Challenge
proposal, and we intend to reach out to many more in the coming weeks:

* Sudo Mesh, launching the People's Open Network in Oakland, CA
* Kansas City Freedom Network, in close alliance with the Free Network
Foundation in Kansas City, MO.
* wlan-slovenija across Slovenia and connecting Austria and Croatia!
* Altermundi in Argentina
* Guifi.net in Catalonia
* Freifunk in Germany
* Ninux in Italy
* MedellinLibre in Medellin, Columbia
* Village Telco in South Africa
* Fédération FDN in France

Please forward this along to other free network groups not currently
included on this roster!

Twitter Post (precisely 140 characters):
Support an international coalition of community #mesh networks:
Applaud our #newschallenge proposal for a net commons kng.ht/1dmIsCF

Upvote us on Reddit:

Many thanks for your support and all the good work you do,
Jenny Ryan

"Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories."
- -Laurie Anderson

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining
- -Hannah Arendt

"To define is to kill. To suggest is to create."
- -Stéphane Mallarmé
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