[Cerowrt-devel] 10GigE nics and SFP+ modules?

Joel Wirāmu Pauling joel at aenertia.net
Tue Sep 9 00:06:15 EDT 2014

Note I know whilst you are talking copper. IME 10Gbit copper is
nothing but a hassle. You are lucky to get 30Metres out of a run
without Negotiation issues.

I encourage you strongly to look to using Optical LX style fibre if
you are moving to 10G. The cost of structured cabling and the length
of runs is a lot cheaper than Cat6a/7 runs needed for 10gbit copper.

On 9 September 2014 16:03, Joel Wirāmu Pauling <joel at aenertia.net> wrote:
> Just a head's up I have had issues with the X5xx intel SFP+ optics
> interoperating with other vendors. This may not be an issue for your
> deployment.
> If you want good interop then Broadcom based optics seem to be the
> best bet at the moment.
> On 9 September 2014 12:09, Wes Felter <wmf at felter.org> wrote:
>> The Intel X710 just came out today; it's a little cheaper. (Note that the
>> X710 is 10G and the XL710 is 40G because XL is 40 in Roman numerals.)
>> http://www.colfaxdirect.com/store/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=2227&idcategory=0
>> (I've never bought from Colfax, but they carry a lot of "enterprise"
>> equipment that isn't available on NewEgg/Amazon.)
>> There are super-cheap optics and twinax available from China. You may have
>> to hack the Intel driver since they're not "supported".
>> http://www.fiberstore.com/c/10g-sfp+_63
>> http://www.fiberstore.com/c/10g-sfp+-cables_1115
>> Or you could just get an account at the Snabb Lab.
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