[Cerowrt-devel] 10GigE nics and SFP+ modules?

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Wed Sep 10 16:03:15 EDT 2014

    >> I don't like when people create their cable plant to match what GPON
    >> needs.  It's done because of the illusion that long-haul fiber is
    >> expensive. It isn't, if you have to dig anyway. The difference in cost
    >> of a 12 fiber cable, and a 1000 fiber cable, isn't huge compared to
    >> the digging costs.  Splicing a 1000 fiber cable isn't huge
    >> either. Point-to-point fiber cabling is the way to go. If you then
    >> decide to light it up using PON of some kind, fine, that's up to you,
    >> at least you have the flexibility to change technology in the future.

I went through a GPON install.  It started as a PtP install.
The problem is that while we were installing for 90% of the way, there were
a number of places where we could not: conduits under highways, etc.

In *Canada* at least, fiber construction is a regulated activity, and 
people who own fiber are required to lease to others who want it.

So, the GPON because of the 10% of places where we had to lease fiber,
and leasing 2-3 strands is much easier than 1000.  In one case, my
understanding was there was only a dozen strands installed, period, under,
for instance, the Trans-Canada highway (quebec hwy 40/25 interchange was

I'm not otherwise very fond of the GPON stuff.  The "terminals"
are too smart, and not flexible enough, and yes, they had hidden bufferbloat.

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