[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt-3.10.50-1 report

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 08:41:59 EDT 2014

On Tue, Sep 16, 2014 at 3:23 PM, Michael Richardson <mcr at sandelman.ca> wrote:
> Awhile ago I reported problems where my pppoe link did not come up, and
> sometimes not all of the wifi interfaces would come up.  It seemed like it
> was some kind of limit on number of interfaces, and started looking at netifd
> for some clue what was going on, but I didn't see any obvious struct
> interface[16] or some such.
> Last night, after my wife complained again, I rebooted the 3800 after 60 days
> of uptime...

I've kind of lost track, has it been that long since 3.10.50-1?

> I had placed numifX=0 somewhere so that I wouldn't instantiate 8
> useless interfaces.  Having done that, I notice that my two guest wifi
> interfaces got brought up properly, and the PPPoE link came up on it's
> own (I think, I do have some hacks to force it up).   I still had to poke
> some things.
> In conversations at IETF90, I think someone said that netifd does something
> like:
>         (1 << ifindex)
> in order to mark something about interfaces...  That would certainly explain
> the problem, because ifindex can march upwards quite easily on systems with
> PPP interfaces coming/going.  I note that on my freshly booted system,
> all ifindex are < 32.


> I haven't located any code in netifd that does this, but haven't looked
> that much yet.
> What is the plan now that BB is about to be fully released?  I think that all
> CeroWRT code for the 3800 is now upstream.... it seems that the next CeroWRT
> release should simply point at openwrt BB?

I have to admit that after bug 442 seemed fixed, I put cerowrt down
and focused on A) catching up on sleep, B) fixing some sorely busted
infrastructure, and C) getting in some paid work (to make up for the
extra year spent on cero) and D) find ways to get more solid funding
overall, specifically for making wifi fast and E) catching up on

I have now built cero not once for over 45 days, and have actually
been to a few social events, and other "normal" things. I have, in
fact, taken off several weekends in a row, for the first time in 3
years. Last week featured my first stage appearance in years at the
sffringe festival, in fact.

I'd dearly like SQM to make BB, but that requires some focused effort
that I don't have in me yet.

Yes, my plan is to rebase on BB once frozen, and do stable updates. At
the moment, however, only trivial bugs in cero remain in the 3.10.50-1
build and I, at least,  can live with them a while longer.

Whether or not we continue onwards to track homenet, adopt new
hardware, or do anything else with this project is up to y'all, and to

I'd really like to hand off the build engineering process to someone
else, and be able to work more closely with the wifi stack instead, in

Where would you like it to go?

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