[Cerowrt-devel] problems with auto config script

Rich Brown richb.hanover at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 17:00:45 EDT 2014


You're right - those lines from the confit-cerowrt.sh script at https://github.com/richb-hanover/CeroWrtScripts are old, and no longer operable. (Once upon a time, CeroWrt used bind for DNS service. We now use dnsmasq. I had neglected to remove those lines from the script.)

Good catch! I'll update the scripts soon. Thanks.

Rich Brown

On Sep 22, 2014, at 4:45 PM, Eric S. Johansson <esj at eggo.org> wrote:

> changing the internal address and I got:
> Changing IP subnets to and
> sed: can't create temp file '/etc/chroot/named/etc/bind/*/*K4sTRh': No such file or directory
> Changing local domain to editshare.bubble
> sed: can't create temp file '/etc/chroot/named/etc/bind/*/*AF9mMq': No such file or directory
> does not look like a real error. yes?
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