[Cerowrt-devel] Better marketing #101: anybody have any graphical talent and time for bufferbloat.net related logos?

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 14:17:04 EDT 2015


Well, we now have a need for 5 expressive logos for our projects. I
keep hoping that by doing this as an open process someone will come up
with something visual that you could create for us graphically.

1) We need a logo that somehow expresses the need to make wifi fast,
less jittery, and more reliable. In part this plea came from all the
GREAT logos that emerged from the battlemesh design effort:


... and feeling left out, as a sponsor, to not be able to add one to the mix.

http://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV8 has the full list, I think there
are larger versions of each logo and they are all GREAT!

2) Bufferbloat.net originally had a bloated toxic pufferfish as a logo
but it was deemed too close to another logo to use, and nothing good
materialized. I havent the slightest idea what to use for this
concept. I am perpetually showing graphs and charts, and those do not
convey what really happens. I do feel, if you could explain to us what
we discuss in talks like these (
http://www.bufferbloat.net/projects/cerowrt/wiki/Bloat-videos - try
van´s talk or mine at uknof or hemmingers ) means to you,  back in
graphical form, that might be a start.

Probably the best video yet done on the subject is here:
as it is only 5 minutes long and is the first animation EVER that I
have seen that has got the inchworm that tcp looks like, right.

3) CeroWrt has long had a logo based on the "blanusa snark" which
captured the zero and a piece of the babel daemon's logo, but coming
up with a way of making that snark sexier (3d extrusion?) evaded me. I
am totally open to other ideas that express the goals of making
spaceship quality reliable bleeding edge home routers.

4) A tool we use called netperf-wrapper is about to undergo a name
change to something sexier. I dont know what it will be (it is up to
the author and perhaps a vote here), and that too could use a logo
when it gains a name. We should do another poll on that I guess in a
separate email.

5) As a last item, we are in need of some artistic talent to make the
color selections, line thickness/style, and graph types in
netperf-wrapper more appealing to the eye in contrast with other
colors. I can run you through those in the hope that you can be of
aid. An example of a color selection I dislike is the orange portion
of this one:


A very common graph we use is:


and as for noisy data:


On Wed, Apr 8, 2015 at 4:12 AM, Mindy Heath <m at vibrantmediadesign.com> wrote:
> Hello and thank you for sending out the call to artists!
> I would love to support you all on this project and have some experience supporting the tech industry with graphics and marketing tools and would like to submit some options to consider to start your project.
> If you do not have a definite idea what image you would like for this projects scope, I can begin supporting you by researching the "seeds of inspiration" as procured by DTAHT and get with the decision makers on any additional "idea makers" and what the objectives are for final output of the "logo."   With this basic information I should be able to recommend some ideas/content based on general research of the market and materials referred to herewith, and forecast that I could make a formal proposal by weeks end, including  a cost proposal /job summary agreement and 3 ideas to select from or develop further with consultation with a minimum charge of $250 for my set-up fee.  Additional consultations, updates and graphic design work will be charged at my standard rate of $25/hour billable.
> If there is no research required and there is instead a specific image you have in mind, by the end of the week, I should be able to re-create the "logo" or "image" you specify by redrawing your graphic/image idea in to the Adobe Illustrator application which will, in essence, set up your logo/image in to the standard format for digital and print application, which in this instance is object-oriented, camera-ready artwork with a minimum 300 dpi for scalability and pre-press specs, and bill you straight for 1/2 consultation and $25/hr standard graphic design rate, minimum 2-hr set-up, which I can submit at job completion by invoicing for billable hours via standard CA/Federal 1099 contractor terms.
> If this sounds like a good agreement to start from please let me know and I will send out the project outline and we can get started!  I really enjoy the overall creative tone of the project and have worked with DTAHT before, so let me know if I can support you on this and we can get right in to it!
> Thanks for the opportunity!
> ~M. Heath
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> To: bloat; Thorsten Wilms; Mindy Heath; Craig Guessford; cerowrt-devel at lists.bufferbloat.net
> Subject: Better marketing #101: anybody have any graphical talent and time for bufferbloat.net related logos?
> I sometimes really hate not being able to get into the fun like this:
> http://battlemesh.org/BattleMeshV8/PosterDesign
> I have zero skills in the art department. None. Worse... I have few thoughts as to what a bufferbloat logo should look like. But, obviously, though, we need to be doing better marketing than we are, given the enormous number of complaints I have received (and ignored) over the past 4 years.
> An historical note: We had started with the pufferfish at bufferbloat.net's inception, and it wasn't until the design was nearly complete that someone pointed out that what we had looked WAY too much like openBSD's mascot - we didn't want to offend them, and never got around to a replacement, although you will see that fully inflated spiky bufferfish on many an early presentation.
> I saw at one point someone had registered a bufferbloat.something web site and put up a nice logo but I can't remember the url and never found out who did it.
> The constructive thought that I have is that now that we are moving towards having cures, rather than describing the problem, *so perhaps a posititive design more focused on describing the cure(s)* would be best.
> Certainly Stephen Hemminger's talks with all the water bottles are inspirational,
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5KPryOHwk8
> (isn't there a new one of these I can link to?)
> And I loved many bits in the riteproject's videos (particularly the chasing the inchworm[1] part that for the first time ever showed how TCP really behaves accurately. Wow! That was awesome), and so on...
> http://riteproject.eu/2014/10/23/slow-internet-more-bandwidth-is-not-the-answer/
> [3]
> Logo suggestions for "make-wifi-fast", and "cerowrt" also gladly accepted.
> 2) Backstory on the current cerowrt logo - it is a "blanusa snark", and I took great (snarky!) joy in the prospect of  trying to sneak an obscure mathematical object through the trademark office, but never got around to that. :) The form of the blanusa (and related snarks) (chromatic index 3) to me represents several ideal solutions to complex routing problems - and weirdly, it turned out that babeld's logo is a subset of it. [2] So I used that, figuring someday I'd get the time to port the equations to use a 3d extruder like blender to make something really cool, and never got around that either. (I still would like to do that, while trying to visualize that works for routing protocols, just no skill in blender)
> Can you tell why I am an unsuitable guy for creating logos that communicate??? :) Can drop the snark in cerowrt in favor of something that stresses reliability. cero bugs.
> 3) I have no idea how to represent the make-wifi-fast project either, although I think lots of ideas could emerge for that. ?
> 4) So... I am cc-ing the only 3 artists I know, if anybody else has anybody on tap(?), and IF some good ideas emerge here, *graphics do communicate fundamental ideas* - and we need to do better on communicating them to the general public and the CEOs and CTOs that are thus far not paying any attention to solving their problems with latency under load on their networks.
> Note: In my case, I can just barely see the color red, and need to rely on y'all for taste in this department!
> There are a few other graphics I have longed to have - take the classic hourglass TCP thing that you see everywhere, for example. I'd like a version of that that accurately represented asymmetric networks and mixed traffic.
> So... ideas?
> [1] "Chasing the inchworm" is the working title of a paper in progress, please don't use that... - credit to fred baker for the name!
> [2] The related snarky math however is too complex to solve rapidly in a routing application except in gates, and maybe not even then.
> [3] I loved the riteproject video except for the end, which infuriated me. And because rite never linked back to us, or gave us any credit, the "bufferbloat" word has 3 hits on their site total - I have only rarely linked back to them, and I admit to being a lot envious of their budget compared to ours. I am pretty sure that there are some bad feelings over there, about us, also.
> Can we put that history down?
> I would like us ALL to work together on creating a unified approach to marketing solutions for internet latency that gives credit, where credit is due. If we all start working together again, perhaps we'll start getting somewhere faster.
> --
> Dave Täht
> Let's make wifi fast, less jittery and reliable again!
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Dave Täht
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